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  • In Chinese zodiac 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog. So we created a calendar with beautiful dogs as the main focus. After all, dogs are friends with humans during many thousands years. These wonderful animals were not just helpers of humans, they became heroes of many fairy tales and myths. Therefore, in the calendar dogs appear among various mythological beings, ancient gods and people to whom they patronized. Each month is represented by different breeds of dogs, depending on the famous mythical events that took place at that time of year. Please click on the 'Larger images with descriptions' tab for more details.

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    All these 12 pages and the cover image are 7 x 10 inches (17.8 x 25.4 cm), in .JPG formats, 300ppi. They can be printed on a standard size paper (US Letter or A4). You can print them out at home on your favourite paper. The images are very colorful, so for the best results we advise to select the highest quality setting on your printer and to use photo paper or at least a heavier good quality paper. Colors of the images may vary according to your monitor and printer.

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  • Cover image

    Thinking about which breed of dog will be on the cover, we decided in favour of chow-chow. Because 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog according to their homeland tradition. In addition, this dog looks just fabulous!


    In the artwork for this cold winter month you see Simuran, a winged dog that patronized ancient Slavonic tribes. These snow-covered fir branches, distant mountains and the ancient castle are as though from a fairy-tale.


    Scandinavian goddess Skadi and her faithful dog represents the February image. This goddess was always accompanied by wolves. But our dog is a cross between a wolf and a husky, so it is the most playful and smiling in the pack. Caps of snow, dormant trees, bright fur of squirrels and unbelievable northern lights above all of this. So Skadi and her faithful dog live in a very picturesque place.


    The dog of Native Americans became a symbol of the month of March, when nature awakens from winter sleep, and the dog shields the new world from danger. This clever and faithful dog was sent to people to help in the discovering of the world. The dogs played with children, guarded homes, hunted together with their masters.


    April’s illustration is about the remarkable story of Zeus’ Golden dog. This story takes us to the magical island of Crete where infant Zeus was hidden from his father Kronos. Baby Zeus was fed by nanny goat Amalthea, and they were guarded by the Golden dog. This sunny and cheerful illustration became an embodiment of the magnificent southern spring.


    May’s image is created with Japanese motifs. There are blossoming cherry trees, a temple and a small pond. And, of course, a brave warrior and his dog Akita-inu are there too! Akita-inu is known as a great defender and staunch friend for many centuries.


    Faun’s dog is the June’s symbol. This agile and graceful dog followed the master of the luxuriant forests of the Ancient Rome, in which lush vegetation mixed with shady glades, fruit trees and fragments of ancient statues. The hair of this nice dog is as if beautified by summer sun!


    The July image is about Ancient Egypt. In July, Sirius - the Dog Star appears in the sky, and the great Nile River overflows in the distant Egypt. It goes without saying that Ancient Egyptian gods are there at that time too, and Anubis that usually represented as the Pharaoh Dog, looks at the world with his wise eyes.


    For the August’s illustration we decided to draw the dog of the Indian god Indra. This god of thunder and lightning spent a lot of time hunting, accompanied by a faithful dog. And, of course, there are jungle with their various inhabitants!


    The Chinese sky dog is responsible for the September’s image. The dog looks intently at the sky and sees to it that the autumn falling stars not to cause harm to people. Standing on the Great Wall of China, the dog guards inhabitants of the Celestial Empire and all the other people.


    According to a legend, autumn is exactly the time when Hades, the ruler of the underground kingdom, waits impatiently for his beautiful wife Persephone to return back home. She spends all spring and summer on the Earth with her mother Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. And when the autumn rains begin, she returns to her husband. Hades takes Cerberus and goes to meet Persephone. So, the month of October is represented by Cerberus, the guardian of the underground kingdom.


    In November nature became quiet and is getting ready to sleep. The first snowflakes wrap the ground, falling on late flowers, hills and a deserted beach. The dark time of the year is coming and the hills’ inhabitants should not be allowed to disturb the human settlements. Giant dogs guard the settlements and don’t let magical forces in.


    A good spirit in the image of the giant dog living in the ancient English castle represents December’s image.

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